Hi, we are Poda.
We make your app grow

We help you achieve your business goals with the best experts in the industry and the most innovative practices in the market.







We work with product teams to offer the best user experience that meets the expectations of your users and increases revenue. We have professionals from all industries with extensive experience and constant evolution to extend the most innovative techniques on the market.


We improve your acquisition and sales processes by reducing the friction of all the steps of the funnel through the continuous iteration of hypotheses based on data, the experience of our team and the cost-effectiveness rate. We ensure the best results in the shortest possible time.


We adapt your app to the constant evolution of the industry quickly, scalably and maintaining visual consistency (UI/UX). Through Design System we build complex products based on simple structures that improve the user experience and reduce development costs.


We define your measurement strategy to turn your data into valuable insights that help you make the best business decisions. Our team of expert consultants in advanced analytics is certified in the best tools on the market.

We like apps. A lot.

Our team has been designing, building and optimizing apps since 2008. We like it and we're good at it.


We grow the user base of our clients' apps.


Sustainable processes over time, not quick fixes.


Processes that we systematically execute and analyze.

Key code

We solve key growth challenges. Not just any challenge.


At Poda we strive for our clients to grow their apps.